UK-Fresh-86-Cover 23 July 2011
Linton-Kwesi-Johnson-Photo-by-Collin-Patterson 16 July 2011

Make some noise for the cowbell

May 16, 2011



If there’s a release that will make me feel like I’m 15 all over again, it’s a new Beastie Boys tune. Make Some Noise has been on my playlist for a few weeks now and it makes we want to steal VW badges and crank up the Brass Monkey. I’m sure the Beastie Boys would […]

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Unofficial Royal Wedding Mix

April 28, 2011



I’ve really tried to resist… But roll out the red carpet as Southern Hospitality and Face Lace Magazine have put together a brilliant (unofficial) Royal Wedding Mix. Right, where’s the street party at? Big Willy Style! Listen here: Southern Hospitality/Face Lace Magazine Unofficial Royal Wedding Mix

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I love Marley Marl’s eighties sound

April 22, 2011



I love Marley Marl’s Pop Art/Cold Chillin’ sound. There, I’ve said it. I’ve finally and publicly professed my love. A bit like kissing outside the John Snow. Marley Marl sound tracked my youth. He’s a legend. Only a few Hip Hop producers ever achieve such legendary status, becoming bigger than the rappers they produce, their […]

Leading the new wave: Dels and Ghostpoet

March 20, 2011



With a new wave of homegrown artists about to blow up, UK Hip Hop is looking good right now. Two interesting artists are justifiably garnering praise and attention: Dels and Ghostpoet. Both meld sounds and styles, and bring something fresh; both lyrically and visually. Take Dels: His infectiously languid flow and eclectic mix of musical […]

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London All Star Breakers on Blue Peter

March 12, 2011



I’m so pleased that I’ve found the below footage of the London All Star Breaker’s appearance on Blue Peter from the mid-eighties. First boadcast at time when we didn’t have the convenience of live pause, instant record or footage available via You Tube, this clip has remained the stuff of legend for some time. When […]

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