Talib Kweli: Cold Rain video

Posted on 25 January 2011


Talib-Kweli-Cold-RainTalib Kweli’s new album, Gutter Rainbows, is upon us. The lead single, Cold Rain, sets a righteous tone for this independently released set. The video features Kweli wandering through a bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape straight out of The Road. In it he comes across all Book of Eli, but without Denzel Washington’s looks.

What Kweli has always had though is intelligence and the bravery to tackle some of the world’s meatier subjects and often bust an unfashionable stance in the world of Hip Hop (there are no dancing hotties in this video someone comments on You Tube).

Cold Rain is Kweli’s indictment of the superficial world around us, symbolised by things like hash tags and auto-tunes. He raps: “With the shooting, the thugging and all the booning and spooning / and all the crooning, and cooning and auto-tuning, alive / You be tellin’, peddlin’ to consumers / I’m helping them to see through it.”

Over a laid back beat and lush pianos, he tells us: “The end upon us with a hash tag, a trending topic”. But still,  it’s good to see in the video that even Kweli is going to have to rely on fast moving consumer goods, like canned food, when he’s walking the post-apocalyptic globe like a Hip Hop Holy Man gathering supplies. Keep it real!