London All Star Breakers on Blue Peter

Posted on 12 March 2011


London-All-Star-Breakers-Blue-PeterI’m so pleased that I’ve found the below footage of the London All Star Breaker’s appearance on Blue Peter from the mid-eighties.

First boadcast at time when we didn’t have the convenience of live pause, instant record or footage available via You Tube, this clip has remained the stuff of legend for some time. When it was first shown a collective groan greeted my friend’s admittance that he hadn’t recorded it.

I kept quiet. I judged it a wise move to do so. I’d failed to record it, too. I’d spent the opening bewitched by the popping whilst shouting at my brother to come and watch. I then missed most of the breaking and didn’t have a video handy so I could record. I caught the end of Dolby D’s head spin (you did cane it, man!). The routine at the end was a joy to catch though.

So it’s even more of a joy to be able to watch this clip back at my own leisure.

The London All Stars were untouchable poppers and breakers in the mid eighties – a heady combination of being both brilliant and cool. They’ve even stood the test of time as the clip shows. I’m sure I remember Dolby D’s head spin lasting  much longer than that though.

Watch the footage of the London All Star Breakers on Blue Peter: