Leading the new wave: Dels and Ghostpoet

Posted on 20 March 2011


With a new wave of homegrown artists about to blow up, UK Hip Hop is looking good right now. Two interesting artists are justifiably garnering praise and attention: Dels and Ghostpoet. Both meld sounds and styles, and bring something fresh; both lyrically and visually.

DelsTake Dels: His infectiously languid flow and eclectic mix of musical influences results in slick, squelching and towering Hip Hop. Catch his music videos on You Tube (see below) and you surely can’t not be impressed. The video for Trumpalump is clever and brilliant; the making of the video an insight into a thoughtful and creative artist who brings an incredible flow, individual style and an awesome aesthetic. All of which has earned Dels a three album recording deal with Big Dada. “He’s the perfect Big Dada artist really. A very talented MC who pushes what he can say with words as hard as he can and combines it with a really adventurous attitude towards music,” they announced on their website. With a frightening amount of talent and ideas, it’s easy to see that Dels is going to be huge this year.

GhostpoetWith a heavy nod to trip hop, Ghostpoet makes minimal, laid back and mesmerising music. His music pulls you in; Gone is dope, seemingly part Galliano, Ty and Massive Attack, yet definitely Ghostpoet. The video for Cash and Carry Me Home is intense and beautifully lit and styled. It’s another brilliant tune, too. The man himself cuts a hipster-like figure with thick rimmed glasses, Fedora and comfy knits – a look which doesn’t immediately scream “Hip Hop”. But like Dels, Ghostpoet knows his own style. He also knows his own mind and isn’t afraid to show who he is and what he’s about. Often self deprecating, his rhymes and attitude are the antithesis of the trappings of success boasted about in much Hip Hop. Recently speaking on a Guardian podcast he described being “bored of American Hip Hop; the idea of these people telling us things that we would never experience”. He can certainly be scathing about certain characteristics inherent in Hip Hop culture – on the tune Survive It, from his debut album, he says: “I remember happy times / Now it’s happy slaps ‘n’ how big’s your gat / And all that crap.”

There’s certainly nothing crap about Ghostpoet or Dels. Great music from two new UK artists set to change the way we view Hip Hop.

Listen to: Trumpalump & new single GOB by Dels and Gone, Cash and Carry Me Home & Survive It by Ghostpoet

Plus listen to the Guardian podcast about UK Hip Hop, featuring an interview with Ghostpoet

Watch these:

Trumpalump by Dels:

The Making of the Trumpalump video:

Cash and Carry Me Home by Ghostpoet