B-Boy Slippers relaxing at homeThis blog is about my love of Hip Hop; a love of Hip Hop set in the context of where I am in my life. I’m nearing 40 (I may well be 40 by time you read this) and I recently became a new father, too. So let’s face it, I’m getting old and more laden with responsibilities, and what self-respecting bloke wouldn’t want to buck against that at least a little.

So I may take the piss and act a little immature here as a result. But I’m also going to look back with a renewed freshness only a newborn can bring and revel in something I have enjoyed throughout my life. There will be lots of reminiscing with rose-tinted sentimentality about my adolescent love: Hip Hop. And whilst I’ll be looking to the past, I’ll  also talk about Hip Hop as it is now, particularly some of the music that is currently out there.

Hip Hop is such a part of me. It has shaped my aesthetic, cultural references and musical palette. It continues to amaze me how much of an influence it has on the way I view the world. It was my sub-culture after all – a world I immersed myself in during my teenage years in the eighties. It grabbed me: the loud, beat-driven music hitting me in my red, spotty face; the shapes, graphics and colours of graffiti smacking me; the fashions exciting me.

I was just a kid from Devon – an area of England largely considered to be in a retarded state clotted by cream teas and clouded by scrumpy cider; a place seen as the back of beyond a few decades ago (it probably still is). But if it isn’t where you’re from but where you’re at, I was in a wonderland, which resounded to Hip Hop’s beats and breaks, popping and locking with the energy of an additive-filled child. I was excited. I had fallen in love with Hip Hop and couldn’t get enough of it.

Bboyslippers is now my nom du plume. Every Hip Hop “writer” has a nom du plume and mine is synonymous with having b-boy culture in my heart and mind, but without the b-boy attitude. I’m more of a pipe and slippers man nowadays, and put my slippers on every evening when I get home from work.

I hope you enjoy my world view, reminiscences, general piss taking and enjoyment of Hip Hop.

I hope you enjoy this blog.

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6 Responses “About” →
  1. Hip-Hop is rubbish compared to the love of my life : Junk – a mixture between jazz and funk. (Thats from my 8 year old by the way)

  2. You have a new fan, B-Boy Slippers.


  3. Luce Wynn

    27 February 2011

    Loving the writing bro x

  4. Just found you thanks to Waxer from Disco Scratch, I’ll be soaking up your entire blog over the coming weeks, nice one!

  5. Just discovered your site and am loving it.
    Incidentally your choice of nom-de-plume is completely my way of thinking (check the logo on my blog!)


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