I remember it well

Where else to spend our time
Up early in the morning, train journey to London
Ten quid return

Dump stuff at Dad’s
Get on the tube at Kilburn
Messing around
Checking new graffiti along the Jubilee Line

Into Leicester Square
Get a Quick Burger
Memories of Steady B freestyling after Fresh ’86 down there
We’re taking the piss out of each other

Down to the Garden
Blown away by the graffiti
Groove Records, imports and Z3 MCs
My love of vinyl born at a good time

Soho prostitutes in each doorway
“You fat bitch!”
Heading up through Carnaby
We’re running, and in and out of porn shops

Struggles it’s gone through but Hip Hop got to my door
Afrika Bambaataa the soul sonic force
Self expression I’ll never forget, the New York trains!
Brim, Lee bombing, and searching out the Chrome Angelz along the metro line

Along Oxford Street and checking out the shops
Tacchini, Fila, Adidas, Puma
Excitement as we see b-boys, fly girls, puffa jackets and ski hats
As we get to Spats

Lil’ Wiz, Family Quest
Piece books at the back
DJs mixing up the decks, scratching
Battling, it’s crazy like legs breaking

Windmills, head spins and moves I’ve never seen
Live to pop, electro rock
Make some noise ya don’t stop

I remember it well because I love Hip Hop


© B-Boy Slippers 2010. Originally written in about 1993


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  1. That’s the spirit of UK hip hop right there. Respect.


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