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They reminisce over you: Electro Rock

February 19, 2011


It’s easy to look back at Hip Hop in the eighties with rose tinted glasses. It was such a great time. But to be able to watch it back like a show reel of the best in class is special. Electro Rock is that show reel; a film of the seminal Hip Hop event held […]

Body popping: Once you pop…

January 27, 2011


My brother taught me how to do a wave and then I learned to lock. As teenagers, most boys worry that too much masturbating might make them go blind; my Mum used to tell me that too much body popping would leave me with a twitch. Along with my brother, I would practice popping in […]

They reminisce over you #3: Mike Allen’s Capital Radio Show

December 8, 2010


When I look back at the eighties, it was Hip Hop that provided the soundtrack to my formative years. Yeah, ok, throw in the odd filler track too – perhaps something by Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet. But, in the main, it was Hip Hop. And more importantly Mike Allen was the conductor, the architect […]